Underground Society


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Spring 23' Release #2-

Underground Society

Now is the time
To ascend our collective soul
Ascend within our community
& create a world of our own
One of sovereignty over Oligarchy
We are the future, now is the time

The strong, brave & fearless Amaru Serpent, representation of humanitarian essence with an intense emotional power who possess strength and immortal love.

amaruca is a huge serpent that dwells underground, capable of transcending boundaries to and from the spiritual realm of the subterranean world.

In Peru (Inca), this god is called Amaru (as in Tupac Amaru, the last defender killed by the Spaniards) and the territory known as Amaruca. Amaruca is literally translated “Land of the Plumed Serpents.” The tribe of Amaru still exists in Peru today.

Remember the future

As America falls, Amaruca (Incan) land of the plumed serpents shall rise again & from within, we the people shall pave the way


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Image of Underground Society